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Background Checks

Background Check

The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator has always said that a background check is an invaluable tool for any type of investigation from Family Law matters, Civil Lawsuits, Criminal Defense, and Witnesses.

There are several companies and websites that perform background checks these days. These services frequently produce mixed quality results by relying on dated sources that supply just pieces of information with no quality assurance or professional assessment. The Dillon Agency makes use of the broadest database of public data in the United States.Are you planning a wedding? It is strongly advised that you conduct a pre-marital background check. Equally important, your findings are individually examined by The Dillon Agency with years of experience.Nothing matters more than knowing you've hired the best candidate for the job. A simple phone call is not enough when you believe you have found the ideal candidate for a position in your organization. To reduce the risk of your hiring decision, have their background checked professionally. The Dillon Agency will put your mind at ease with our pre-employment background check.

A Background Check can range from a simple peak in to someone’s criminal and civil history all the way to an extensive comprehensive background check to include criminal and civil history, bankruptcy, driving records, credit history, address history, relationship history, marital history, employment history, reputation and credibility checks.

The Dillon Agency screening services include the following:​

  • Civil Background

  • Criminal Back ground Checks

  • Marital History Checks

  • Employment History Checks

  • Individual Background Checks

  • Credit History Checks

  • Bankruptcies

  • Liens and judgments

  • Driving Record Checks

  • Driver's license

  • Employment history

  • Criminal history

  • Professional affiliations

  • Education

Don't leave your company's future to chance. Contact The Dillon Agency immediately to schedule pre-employment screenings for all your top applicants. Having someone you don't know work for you, come into your home, rent your apartment, watch your children, or look after your relatives is difficult. The Dillon Agency can assist you in determining who this individual is. We'll investigate their past, including current and previous residences, criminal records, civil litigation history (such as judgments, liens, bankruptcies, and evictions), driving records, and property ownership. The Dillon Agency will also check the person's current and previous work, educational background, professional licensing, references, and other information. Background checks can be made to fit the needs, requirements, and budgets of any client.

Being informed with knowledge of your adversaries is the best tool you can have in and legal or potential legal matter. Contact Us today.

The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator, can provide you with a detailed background check on individuals, groups, or business to help you make the right decisions.

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We are in a fact-finding business where results matter. Therefore The Dillon Agency – a full service Private Investigator is focused on obtaining facts that produce results where it matters most, in the courtroom.

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