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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions / General Information

Q: Does a Private Investigator ever take a case without meeting the person?
A: Yes

Often Times we have clients that are not local to Tennessee.  At The Dillon Agency™ we understand that some situations require us to engage and interact with the client differently.  Each case that we acquire is as unique as the situation and services we apply for our client. That being said, we fully service Clients that are REMOTE (out of state/international). We have the flexibility to use many different communication channels with our Clients. This is not an impediment to our overall engagement with our Clients. 

Q: Do Private Investigators ever take cases over the phone?
A: Yes

An initial discussion by Phone is often the primary method of discussing/addressing our Clients questions and needs in regards to Private Investigator services.  At The Dillon Agency™ we also support other contact methods like Chat, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. If needed we also offer clients the ability to visit us at our business.

At The Dillon Agency™ we have the ability to fully service our Clients over the Phone. We currently offer FREE, NO OBLIGATION Consultation to understand your needs. Give us a Call Today or Contact Us!

Q: What kind of investigations do you specialize in?
A: Review our Services page for more details

We do surveillance for workman's compensation claims as well as for fraud, cheating spouses/lovers, child custody disputes, alimony disputes, child abuse and neglect disputes, cohabitation, and many more background checks.

Q: What sets The Dillon Agency apart from other investigative agencies?

A: We treat every situation with utmost care and empathy!


Each case is unique to The Dillon Agency. We offer the finest customer service possible, and we're here to listen to your concerns and help you find a solution. While we work for you, we also collaborate with you to ensure that your inquiry is as successful as possible.


Q: Which geographical regions do you service?
A: The entire state of Tennessee is covered by our company.

Q: What are the prices for investigative services?

A: This can vary...

There are no two cases alike, and there are no two clients with the same set of wants and needs. Because of this, each case is investigated in a way that is almost tailor-made, using a different mix of approaches, tactics, etc. In addition, as cases develop, new directions may need to be explored, and changeups may be brought into the equation. As a result, cases are always evolving. However, our investigators can give you a more comprehensive quote when you contact us by phone.

Nobody should be aware that I'm working with a private investigator. Is there any way to assure this?

Q: Nobody should be aware that I'm working with a private investigator. Is there any way to assure this?
A: We have confidentiality agreements...

Absolutely! Our confidentiality agreements safeguard all our clients' information. Your identity, details, and everything relevant to your case will be kept private until you specifically tell us otherwise. We promise complete discretion to all our clients!

Q: Can I get in trouble with the law because I hired an investigator?
A: Absolutely not!

Private investigators and surveillance agencies like ours are familiar with the state's regulations and legislation. We are industry leaders and are aware of the regulations. There is no way to be prosecuted for any of the knowledge we gather or deeds we commit.


Q: Why can't I do the investigation myself?

A: There are laws to adhere to and additional factors to consider

Please go ahead and do it if you feel capable. However, most people don't even know where to begin when looking for information. Researchers and investigators know where to locate information, and we have the authority to get it. Additionally, if you plan to conduct your own research, you must exercise extreme caution! There are laws in place to protect people's privacy, but there are sometimes gray areas between what is legal and what is not. If you don't know what you're doing, you might end up in legal problems. You won't have to worry about those lines if you use our service.


Q: How can I know what must be done in my type of scenario?
A: Our years of experience can help comfort and guide you to making sound decisions

As was previously said, every circumstance is unique when talking about the pricing of services. The person who answers the phone when you call us will interview you and might be able to provide you further details. However, when you meet with the investigator in charge of your case, he or she will cover every aspect of your case in great depth. Additionally, your investigator will outline all your options for how you might approach the situation.

Q: Can my investigator or any other team members who worked on my case provide a witness statement for me?

A: Yes


Our investigators may give witness testimony and evidence upon request, as well as take the witness stand in your place. But once we are on the witness stand, we must also respond to the other side's questions.

Q: Do Private Investigators just follow people around?
A: NO, this is a common misconception. Every service that a Private Investigator offers is unique in itself :

Private investigators are sometimes thought of as people you pay to follow your partner or spouse when you fear they are cheating. Many private investigators carry out that kind of work. A PI can verify that a person is indeed where they claim to be. When your spouse is not with you, they can see exactly who they are hanging out with.

In the past, a person requesting a divorce had to provide evidence of the grounds of the divorce. A PI, some top-tier photographic gear, and some technical expertise were helpful at that point. Now that no-fault divorces are the norm, the proof our private investigators (PIs) gather on cheating partners utilizing the same high-level cameras and expertise is useful for settling a divorce by determining child custody arrangements, alimony, and the distribution of marital assets. 

Q: Are Private Investigators able to assist with child custody?
A: Yes

The terms of child custody are likely the most crucial aspect of a divorce case. The majority of parents desire what is best for their kids, but others use the kids as bargaining chips to get what they want from the other parent. A woman might ignore her kids because she is so infatuated with a new man's attention. An individual with a history of abuse and domestic violence may be introduced to the children by their father. If parents develop a gambling or drug addiction, they may ignore their kids. People of the opposite sex who are not related to the children are frequently prohibited from spending the night at the parents' house while the children are present. Even though the rule was intended to prevent parents from having new lovers move in and out of the house while their children were present, you'd be surprised how many parents break it. Our Private Investigators at The Dillon Agency can find out more about these situations so that the court's decisions about custody can be changed.

Unfortunately, it happens frequently for parents who owe child support to fail to fulfill their duty to contribute to the upkeep of their children. Sometimes they relocate to escape this duty. Our PIs at The Dillon Agency can track them down. Sometimes a parent will understate their income or say they are unemployed to get out of paying child support. Our PIs at The Dillon Agency can investigate and compile data to support or contradict such statements.

Q: Can Private Investigators assist with a case involving alimony?

A: Yes, each state has its own statue of limitations : 

A spouse may file a request for alimony if the couple has been married for at least ten years. The amount of alimony awarded is typically calculated such that the recipient spouse can continue living the way they did while they were married. If the recipient spouse cohabits with someone else, the payment of alimony may end. Some people will even conceal a second marriage to keep getting alimony payments from their ex-spouse! A private investigator may employ methods to learn about present living situations. Additionally, since the income disparity between the two ex-spouses is one factor used to calculate the amount of alimony owed, one spouse or the other (the payer OR the payee) may understate their income or deny having one to manipulate this ratio. A PI can verify these allegations and discover the truth.

Q: Can Private Investigators help with the workers' compensation fraud?

A: Yes

We have encountered many situations where bad actors falsify workplace injuries to scam an insurance provider and obtain worker's compensation? Indeed, they do. There are also those who falsely claim to be hurt in a restaurant or grocery store and file a lawsuit for compensation, only to be caught water skiing the following weekend. Our PIs can keep an eye on these claimants and get proof that they are lying to protect your business from dishonest employees and fake damage claims from clients.

Q: Can your Private Investigators assist in locating a missing teen?

A: Yes

Absolutely! Every parent is familiar with the anxiety you have when you can't find your child. Some kids, particularly teenagers, flee their homes. There isn't much a parent can do to bring their child home if they are eighteen or older, but if they are under eighteen, parents can ask the police to locate and bring their child home. When a minor goes missing, the police will interview the minor, write a report, and notify other law enforcement authorities, but they frequently lack the resources to actively search for the child unless they believe it is in immediate danger. When you need answers right away, this process can be very frustrating. Parents who are concerned and irritated may resort to a PI to advance their cause. To provide you with the individualized attention you want in this scenario, a private investigator can pursue leads, speak with friends and parents, and locate your missing child.

Act now and Contact US instead of aimlessly wondering if you can find someone!

Q: Can you assist with a thorough background investigation?

A: Yes, background investigations are only as good as the tools available : 

Our private investigators have access to the data that will reveal a person's past. For businesses looking to hire new personnel, this information is priceless. Parents who are hiring a nanny or babysitter need to know this information very well. Nobody wants to mistakenly place their child in the care of a dangerous criminal. Researching potential business partners with due diligence may prove useful for investors as well. Potential partners can be subject to judgment liens or even worse, have a history of fraud. You might also be curious to learn if they have ever declared bankruptcy.

Unmarried people can want to covertly find out additional information about someone they're thinking about taking their relationship to the next level with. You can avoid a lot of pain, misery, and money in the long run by investing a modest amount of money in a background check now. Before allowing potential contractors into your home, it may be a good idea to run a background check on them.

All these tasks can be handled by our skilled private investigator, who can also help to guarantee that you are doing business with the appropriate individuals or marrying the person they claim to be. You are in good hands with our detectives, so rest easy.


Q: Can GPS technology be used to track someone?

A: Yes

Private detectives covertly carry out numerous tasks that the typical person is unaware of. Vehicles owned by qualifying clients can have GPS devices installed, which will aid the client in keeping track of the vehicle. Teenagers frequently lie about their whereabouts and method of leisure activity. A fantastic way to ensure that what is being told to you is true is through GPS tracking.

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