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Wedding rings and definition of Infidelity

Partner Infidelity | Cheating PARTNER

Are you concerned your Partner, Spouse, Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, or Girlfriend may be having an AFFAIR?

If you have concerns that your spouse may be having an affair, call PI NEAR ME and obtain the facts. Our experience with cheating spouse cases is if you suspect, you’re probably right.

If your spouse or loved one is being dishonest about their personal relationships with others, it would only be fitting that they are being dishonest in other areas of the relationship as well. End the worry! Know the facts. Call PI NEAR ME – a full service Private Investigator today for a no cost no obligation consultation.


PI NEAR ME – a full service Private Investigator uses covert and overt video surveillance equipment to obtain the evidence you need. Still frame photography is available as well.

Partner Infidelity
Cheating Partner

Cheating Partner two Women on a Couch

There are numerous similarities between gay and lesbian civil unions, domestic relationships, and marriage in terms of problems. Cheating is no different. There will always be clues if your lover is cheating, regardless of the kind of relationship you are in. 


Here are some common clues that your lover may be cheating


  • Maybe your partner has begun spending time with a new set of friends and doesn't involve you as easily. 

  • Are they having "alone" business trips or working later? Your lover used to accompany you on many or all these outings, but they are no longer doing so? 

  • Have you noticed your partner showing more interest in working out? 

  • Are purchases being made by your unfaithful lover mysterious or unusual, unexplained receipts/purchases, and unexplained purchases or payments on bank statements are all signs that your partner is cheating on you. 

  • Cell phone and excessive computer usage or out of the ordinary. 

  • Secretive emailing, talking, Words with Friends gaming, and texting can all be indications of an unfaithful relationship.

  • Unusual and excessive mobile phone use (cell phone locked/password protected, erasing messages, emails, browser history, etc.) 

  • Strange and excessive internet use (requires a user account and password, shows symptoms of conversing, using Skype, posting photos of ex-partners on Facebook, etc.).

  • Working out more than normal.

  • Dressing nicer or differently.

  • Acting distant toward you.

  • Not interested in having sex or being intimate with you.

  • Spending more time away from home.

  • Working more or on the weekends.

  • Being unavailable at work when you call.

  • Causes a fight and leaves the house on the pretext of it.


Fraudulent Lover


It takes effort to stay dedicated to one person. You do not anticipate the person you love and trust betraying you unless you are in an open relationship. However, the truth is that infidelity does occur, and you are probably right if you have a gut sense it is occurring to you. The good news for you is that our detectives at The Dillon Agency can support you if it is occurring to you. There are always warning signals, and if you're reading this, you've probably already seen one or more of them. You may rest easy knowing that if your partner—boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé—cheats on you, they COULD be discovered. 


The success percentage of our investigations in determining the truth is 100%. Regardless of how sneaky or "slick" you believe your cheating partner is, they will ultimately make a mistake, and we'll be there to catch them. You have a right to know if you think your boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé is cheating. You owe it to yourself to safeguard your emotions if you're in a relationship and unsure of how well you know the other person. The Dillon Agency can help you research the person you spend most of your time with and confide in about your private life. 


We can assist you in finding peace of mind if you believe you, are a victim.

Husband Infidelity
Cheating Husband

Cheating Husband with Wife

Because men are visual beings, they are susceptible to visual seduction. Even the most self-controlled male cannot help but notice when a woman dresses in a way that emphasizes her figure. Therefore, it shouldn't be a surprise that when males commit adultery, they are first gratifying a sexual urge or want. The cause can be a lack of domestic sex, a lack of domestic exploration, or stark sexual disparities between them and their partner. It can be because of a gradual growing apart or because the woman is unaware of her husband's genuine aspirations or wishes.


If you want to know who he's cheating with, when he sees them, and where—whatever the cause may be. The Dillon Agency investigators can thoroughly and discretely obtain the proof you need to go on with your life to determine if your husband or partner is faithful or not. This proof is especially crucial for a wife who has supported her husband through good times and bad and now depends on his salary to maintain a particular standard of living or degree of comfort. Or to a woman who worries about how she will financially support her children in the future. Finally, but by no means least, this proof is for the lady who wants assurance.


Cheaters tell lies. They simply do it that way. They will be in such denial that they will extend that denial to your questions and believe they can get away with the affair. Frequently, when a wife confronts or asks her husband about potential infidelity, the husband becomes defensive and may even label her as insane or paranoid. These questions might at times make people angry. If any of this seems similar, you might want to think about working with The Dillon Agency’s private detective who can get to the bottom of things.


Typical Indicators your Husbands Cheating


  • Unusual or excessive cell phone use, such as locking or password-protecting the device or erasing texts, emails, or browser history.

  • Strange and excessive computer use (requires a user account and password of their own, shows evidence of talking, Skype, old girlfriends on Facebook, staying up late on the computer, etc.).

  • Working out more than normal

  • Dressing nicer or differently

  • Acting distant toward you

  • Not interested in having sex or being intimate with you

  • Spending more time away from home

  • Working more or on the weekends

  • Being unavailable at work when you call

  • Discovering hidden condoms

  • Starting a fight and using it as an excuse to leave

Wife Infidelity
Cheating Wife

Cheating Wife with Husband showing Phone Texts

Women cheat for a variety of reasons. A woman often chooses a companion they would want to spend time with frequently, but a male could only be seeking someone for physical reasons. Women seek to build a stronger emotional bond with someone they believe would be an "upgrade" or a better choice than their present relationship. They devote time and energy to a connection in the hopes that it will help them. Whether they are looking for a man who is stronger, more self-assured OR a man who is more intelligent and accomplished than their spouse. This might be anybody from someone she connects with more readily than you to someone who can deliver more effectively than you. Most of us are familiar with someone who married for security rather than for love. In this case, the lady decided to "settle," in their eyes and tends to cheat to indulge their dreams with someone else instead of you. These women frequently seek out opportunities to "upgrade" if they arise, but they are satisfied to have their cake and eat it too.


Lack of closeness or sexual fulfillment is another factor that may cause a woman to cheat. For women to be entirely pleased, passion and an emotional connection are necessary. If you're intimate with your wife and you're not feeling passionate, chances are good that she's not either. When a man exhibits a genuine interest in her, a woman who is experiencing this lack of closeness and chemistry is inclined to cheat. In our capacity as experienced private detectives, we frequently see this. Even if you might feel that everything is "fine," it is essential to talk to your wife about her wants and preferences.


Unfortunately, this syndrome of "he did it, so I can too" exists. Whether or not you find out, she is having sex with someone to make up for your previous transgressions. Frequently, the lady chooses a person you know well. Never mind the "man code," it may be a sibling or even the closest friend. They are aware that it is far simpler for a woman to find a sexual partner than a guy, and they take advantage of this fact to exact revenge. The person they cheat on, whether a man or a woman, is frequently someone they work with or for. In contrast to men, women typically find it to be someone at or above their pay grade. I'll go out on a limb and say that workplace romances make up 90% of the infidelity cases we handle since they are so widespread.


Typical Indicators Your Wife is Cheating

  • Unusual or excessive cell phone use, such as locking or password-protecting the device or erasing texts, emails, or browser history.

  • Strange and excessive internet use (requires a user account and password of their own, shows symptoms of conversing, using Skype, posting pictures of ex-boyfriends on Facebook, etc.).

  • Spending more time away from home

  • Working more or on the weekends

  • Being unreachable

  • Wearing perfume & or dressing nicer, sexier, or differently

  • Working out or working out more

  • Behaving aloof from you, not interested in having sex or being intimate with you

  • Having unexplained receipts or expenditures.

Spouse Infidelity
Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse having discussion with partner

Sadly, the dream does not last forever, and many who believed they had discovered their soulmate may wander. One spouse can betray the other in a variety of ways, but infidelity is frequently the worst. When one learns that their spouse has broken the trust spelled forth in the marital vows, the emotional grief that results is immense. Extramarital relationships have a wide range of negative effects on friends, other family members, and your health. When kids are involved, they frequently suffer the most detrimental effects. Additionally, it is hard to estimate the long-term impact of unexpected pregnancies or sexually transmitted illnesses. In light of this, PI NEAR ME is committed to providing our customers support that is grounded in humanity, compassion, and care. You will need evidence if you think your spouse is being unfaithful while considering what to do. 


Here at the PI NEAR ME our domestic and family investigators have an unrivaled team of specialists that are experts in spouse monitoring and evidence gathering. Our private detectives will follow your spouse's travels using methods they've perfected over years to create a chronology of their locations and activities. Using the latest photographic and video graphics tools available, we will gather visual evidence to create a folder of proof that, if necessary, can serve as the basis for legal action. Additionally, to support the evidence gathered, our team at PI NEAR ME is prepared to offer background checks and expert witness testimony. We base our service offerings and delivery on discretion and professionalism, and we exclusively want to benefit our clients. Knowing the truth brings peace of mind, and concrete evidence can be crucial in divorce processes.


What proof is required to establish adultery?


Our knowledgeable private investigators at PI NEAR ME give customers all the proof required to demonstrate "Inclination and Opportunity." For want of a better phrase, these are the components required to support your claim that your spouse is having an extramarital affair. When two individuals are seen displaying affection in any way, such as kissing, hugging, or holding hands, this is referred to as an "inclination." Two persons entering a home, hotel, car, or any other location where adultery may be committed constitutes an "opportunity." You don't need to catch them in the act, even though we have. It is considered that, while they are alone, they are acting out those emotions or affection.

Experienced Investigators

Our combined Experience makes us a leader in the Private Investigation Industry. Proven results by proven experienced professionals, one valued client at a time! 


Ability to Stay
One Step Ahead

We believe in continuing education for all our team members to ensure they remain up to date and have the skills needed to handle any case successfully and competently.

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

We are in a fact-finding business where results matter. Therefore PI NEAR ME Agency – a full service Private Investigator is focused on obtaining facts that produce results where it matters most, in the courtroom.

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