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Family Law


The Dillon Agency, your Trustworthy, Experienced, Licensed Private Investigation Firm in Tennessee certified in Family Law Investigation :

​Family Law cases are extremely stressful and are difficult to prove. Every case that goes to court it’s a “He Said/ She Said” case. The courts know this and usually take an “everyone is bad” approach and reset the slate. Clients are often left with disappointment because the courts didn’t believe them because they lacked the evidence need to win their family law, child custody, or support case.The person with the hard evidence is the one who usually prevails in any court case, especially family law matters. The Dillon Agency, knows how to win cases and has a proven track record at doing so. The Dillon Agency is a Certified Family Law Investigation agency. What this means for you the client. Unlike most private investigation companies that are a one stop shop (kind of like a handyman service), The Dillon Agency,  has dedicated the majority of our services to family law and have met and exceeded all the requirements as set forth by the Board of Investigative Specialists to achieve the difficult and prestigious title of Certified Family Law Investigator.

All investigations conducted by The Dillon Agency, are in compliance with the Family Law, Evidence, and Code of Procedure laws. Making sure the evidence obtained on your Family Law case is admissible in court.

Below are some of the Family Law Cases that The Dillon Agency, Private Investigator investigates.


The people you love and care about most are your children, and you will do whatever it takes to ensure their safety. Not all parents, however, can’t put their egos aside enough to let their little ones take top priority. Our PIs can assist you in gathering the proof you need to establish custody or amend your custody arrangement if you believe the other parent of your children is abusing or neglecting them.


Do you have any of these questions or worries?


• Who exactly is your ex-partner bringing around your kids?

• When your kids are with your ex, what do they do with them?

• Do they follow the custody arrangement?

• Do you worry that they'll kidnap them?

• What kind of behavior do your kids exhibit around the new significant other?

• When traveling with the other parent, are your kids appropriately restrained?


The most emotionally taxing aspect of a divorce procedure is typically the decision about child custody. In order to get what they want out of a custody arrangement; parents frequently will go to any lengths to get what they want. They frequently lie, hide the truth, or alter their behavior in front of other people. Sometimes they are solely interested in getting child support and have no regard for the child's welfare. Sometimes a parent may resort to any means necessary to avoid paying child support.

When a judge is deciding on a custody arrangement during a divorce, both parents begin on an equal footing. The "best interest of the child/children" will be considered by the judge. This enables a judge to decide what is in the best interest of the child by considering what the parents desire, what the youngster wants (if they are of a particular age), and the parent's behavior.

The court will frequently name guardian ad litem to represent the child's interests. For it to appear that the minor has their own attorney always present. Parents may occasionally accuse one another of actions they believe are detrimental to the child's best interests. Usually, the parent who is accused will refute the charges. The judge will not take the accusing parent's unfavorable behavior into account if they cannot provide evidence of it. Our private investigators can assist in gathering the proof you require to convince a judge that your accusations are based on facts rather than just opinion.

You want the court to be aware if you believe the other parent of your child is engaging in criminal activity. You will need to employ a private investigator to investigate the other parent in order to gather proof of their criminal activity because they will undoubtedly deny any wrongdoing. Criminals frequently associate with one another. Our private investigators can find out who the other parent of your child hangs out with and whether they engage in drug use, drug dealing, sex offenses, child abuse, etc.

It might be difficult to prove child abuse or neglect, especially if the parents do not live together. To gather proof of any abuse or neglect, you might pay a private investigator to keep an eye on the other parent while they are caring for your child. For instance, the law mandates that your child ride in a car seat or booster seat if they are under a certain age or weight limit. This fundamental, essential preventative measure could be disregarded by some parents. You will need evidence because they will very definitely dispute it.

You'll want to demonstrate to the judge that there have been prior reports of violence against the other parent. Our private detectives can check the other parent's criminal history and speak to former acquaintances to find out whether they have a violent past.

If you think the other parent of your kids is consuming drugs and/or alcohol, hire a private investigator to keep an eye on them and observe what they get up to when they're out with friends, by themselves, and around your kids. Do they operate a vehicle when intoxicated? Do people pass out in front of bars on the sidewalk? Do they discreetly purchase drugs at the local convenience store?

Because they are aware that lying or hiding their address will hurt them in a custody dispute, parents frequently do so. They can reside in a house that needs extensive repairs, or it might be filled with filth and broken glass, making it unsafe for kids to live there and posing a safety risk. They could claim to have their own home while actually residing with a new partner, acquaintance, or relative. How about the new associate? Are they an offender? Sexual offender Abuser?

Our private investigators can find out if a child is being dropped off or picked up on time at home, school, or daycare. Is the other parent transporting the kids to these activities? Many kids participate in extracurricular activities outside of school. In time? Are they timely in picking them up?

Courts will take a parent's moral character into account when deciding on a custody arrangement. Our PI's can gather proof if the other parent of your child is acting in a way that might be considered immoral and is bad for the child. This frequently entails the parent having an affair, bringing the kids into the room with the other person, and showing open affection to them in front of the kids.

The court will consider whether a parent's friends and other associates are suitable and appropriate. When deciding custody, one factor to consider is who the other parent of your child hangs out with. The kinds of people you'll want to learn about are drug traffickers, criminals, sex offenders, abusers, etc. A private investigator can find out who the other parent of your child spends time with if you are unsure.


Unless given permission by the other parent or the courts to do otherwise, many custody agreements stipulate that a parent must reside within a certain distance of the other parent. Some parents nevertheless choose to relocate outside of that range despite this. They frequently try to hide their true residence or deny that they have relocated. Our private investigators can confirm whether a child's parent actually lives where they claim to. If they're lying, we can discover where they actually live and where they're taking the kid when they come for visitation. According to some agreements, if a parent plans to transport their child outside of a predetermined area, they must first notify the other parent (a county, state, or mile radius). Some fail to accomplish it. A private investigator can properly document this for the court to see.

Frequently, when the children are around, custody agreements prevent a parent from hanging out with particular people. Some child custody agreements restrict a parent from allowing a love interest to stay the night while the kids are around. The agreement can also forbid a parent from spending the night at a loved one's house with the kids. The violating parent frequently disputes whether anyone has spent the night or whether the individual in question is a romantic interest. Our private detectives can discover the true extent of their dishonesty.

If one parent tries to find someone to watch the kids while the other does something, some custody agreements grant the parent who does not have custody of the child the right of first refusal. This rule is frequently violated. A PI can easily document this information.


Some parents don't pay the child support ordered by the court and frequently try to vanish. To avoid paying child support or to pay less, some parents fabricate information about their employment or income. Our private investigators can find the other parent of your child and find out what they do for a living. This will help make sure that your children get the money they are owed. 

Do any of these questions concern you?

• Do you think your ex is lying about how much money he or she makes to get out of paying child support?

• Do you think your kids' time with your ex-partner could put them in danger?

• Do you believe that your ex-spouse takes the kids to their grandparents' house on weekends, drops them off there, and then doesn't see them again until it's time to give them back to you?

• Does your ex allow their new flame to stay the night while the kids are at home?

You want to keep your kids safe and make sure they're taken care of. Make an appointment with us right now.


In a divorce, alimony is money given to one spouse so they can continue living as they did before the marriage ended. Nobody wants to stay in a relationship just because they can't afford to end it, especially if it's abusive or if the other partner is having an extramarital affair. If your husband is abusive, has had or is having an affair, and you are a housewife with no marketable skills since you gave up your potential for a profession to raise your children, you would be unable to leave because you could not afford to support yourself or your children.

Although it is frequently given temporarily, alimony can also be given forever. The amount of alimony awarded is determined by a number of variables, including the marital partners' income disparities, standard of living, and the behavior of the parties. Child support is not the same as alimony. Child support is money designated for the child's maintenance. On the other hand, alimony is money that the spouse is entitled to for their own support so that they can keep living at the same level as they did while they were married.

Do any of these situations ring a bell?

You suspect your spouse has a new lover. 

You were required to pay alimony as part of the divorce settlement for a time to support them in maintaining the standard of living they had grown accustomed to throughout the marriage and to help lay the groundwork for a new life. They have now met a new person as time has passed. You suspect that they may be hiding the fact that they are cohabitating. To continue receiving alimony from you, they might even have secretly wed a new partner. They can have joint assets, such as a wedding ring or checking accounts, that you are unaware of. Some people will do a lot to hide this fact so they can marry their new partner and keep getting alimony payments.

Your alimony payments might be lowered or abolished if you can demonstrate cohabitation or marriage. Our private investigators can assist in gathering data that could support your demand for proof. Our private investigators' investigations into infidelity can be extremely important in divorce cases when alimony is a potential issue. If you want to prove that your spouse is abusing you or engaging in adultery, you should engage a private investigator before filing for alimony. If you want to know if your ex-spouse is secretly married, our private investigators can dig into them and the person they are dating.

You suspect your spouse of concealing assets.

If your spouse is hiding money or assets, our PIs might be able to locate them. In order to avoid having their assets split up in a divorce settlement or to lower any potential alimony payments they may be compelled to make; people frequently hide money from their partners. In general, courts disapprove of one party in a divorce hiding assets or money, as this could influence the judge's decision regarding the settlement. To receive greater alimony, some spouses may even try to conceal assets. Money can often be hidden more easily than assets. A spouse might purchase a car and keep it hidden so they can sell it for cash when the divorce is finalized. If you want to ask the court for additional alimony because your husband is having an affair, you might be able to persuade the judge to grant your request.

On the other hand, if you know your spouse will ask for alimony and you have evidence that they are having an affair, you might be able to use that evidence to either reduce or completely avoid paying alimony. Unless there is a change in the party who was awarded alimony, alimony will continue for a period of time determined by the court. Changes in circumstances can happen when one or both partners get a new job, get married, or change where they live.

You believe your partner is misleading their Income.

Frequently, a soon-to-be ex-spouse who is requesting alimony will inflate their salary or assert that they are unemployed to receive more money. A spouse may open a secret bank account and put money into it without the other spouse's knowledge.

You may find out that your ex-spouse has changed jobs, increased income, or received an inheritance after alimony has been granted. If this occurs, you may ask the court to reduce or abolish the alimony. An ex-spouse may occasionally try to conceal their changed situation. It is your responsibility to demonstrate that a financial change occurred.

Our private detectives may be able to find the truth and provide facts on your soon-to-be ex-fraud spouse's if you feel that they are hiding assets, fabricating a jobless claim, or misreporting their income. In addition to gathering evidence to support your case, our investigators might even testify in court on your behalf. In a legal case, nothing is for sure, but you can be sure that your private investigator(s) will do everything they can to give you the best investigative services and help you get the right amount of alimony or help you reduce, stop, or avoid alimony.

Our private detectives can help you find proof of these modifications and assist you in reducing or getting rid of your alimony obligation. 

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