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How To Hire a Private Investigator

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Private detectives & investigators are most often employed by the Investigation & security services industry. However certain situations require Private Investigators to be hired for legal, business and private purposes. Private detectives and investigators need many skills, but most especially active listening, critical thinking, and reading comprehension. The revealed comparative advantage (RCA) shows that Private Investigators and Detectives need more than the average amount of programming, writing, and active listening. Here are a quick few tips when learning about "HOW TO HIRE A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR"!

Tip #1 - Use Reputable connections and referrals

Before you hire a private investigator, you must do your due diligence and ensure you choose a reliable and professional PI. Use referrals from trusted sources and networks like PINEARME. Finding the right PI for you is like finding your Personal Lawyer. You will most likely be sharing very confidential information about family, friends, and most importantly yourself.

Tip #2 - Ask if the Private Investigator is licensed and has Insurance

First, ask to see his or her PI license. Private Investigators must be licensed in their respective state. Check that their license is valid. Having Insurance is requirement of being a Private Investigator. This protects you from being liable if anything happens to the private investigator during "work duties".

Tip #3 - Request to Meet the Private Investigator

Schedule a Person to Person meeting with your Private Investigator. Never hire a Private Investigator without meeting him or her. With today's technological capabilities, a face to face meeting will help you decide if this PI is the professional you can trust to be discreet and competent to handle your situation.

When you have a highly sensitive investigation, you need the support and professionalism provided at a higher level. You might need your private detective to testify in criminal or civil court. You want to make sure your PI is a reputable representative of your case/

If the PI cuts you off, doesn’t answer your questions, or is vague, it’s probably not a good match. Remember, you are the client, and the private detective should be trying to win you as a client.



Tip #4 - Review their Work and References


You want to make sure that the private detective you hire is qualified to do the job and do it well. If the Investigator has a website, review it to see if it lists his or her qualifications. Many private investigators are former police officers. But that’s not a good enough reason to hire someone.Years of police work won’t help you if you have a legal issue. In those cases, you need a civil and criminal case investigator.Make sure to ask your PI how many years of experience he or she has. You want to make sure your PI is qualified to investigate and possibly testify in the type of case you are hiring for.


Private investigators often work for law firms or attorneys. They might be asked to find information for criminal cases, such as fraud or theft, or for civil matters, such as vehicle accidents or divorces.

Ask how many cases similar to yours he or she has worked on in the past year. Also consider if the PI specializes in the type of investigations you need. Not every private investigator excels at every type of case. So choose one whose strengths are the type of investigation you need. You also want to know if your case will be handled by just one PI of if there will be other private investigators on the case. A well seasoned and knowledgable investigator will likely show you examples of their work. If not, make sure to ask so you can get a good idea of what you can expect. For example, you’ll want photographs with time and date stamps marked. The report should be typed up and legible without any missing information. You’ll be able to learn a lot about the private investigator based on how thorough and detailed his or her reports are.

Tip #5 - The Private Investigator Should be able to "PROOF" themselves.


When you hire a Private Investigator their experience and background will show when it matters most, whether it’s a written report, a photo, or a video, is the evidence that you may need in court. The end result requires any evidence and supporting information must be high quality. In many court cases, concrete proof can give you enough leverage to get a settlement without needing to go to court. Make sure that your PI isn't prioritizing Quantity over Quality. When hiring a private investigator, don’t just shop around for the lowest price. Premium rates usually mean that the agency has a solid reputation that warrants the price.Budget private investigators either are struggling to get business or know that they can’t get excellent results.




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